Angolo Benessere

Hospitality and Tradition

Hospitality is at home with us

Treschè Conca on the Altopiano dei Sette Comuni plateau is said to be the most beautiful place to contemplate the stars, but also to spend a few days of vacation or a pleasant moment of relaxation.

Even where to find a cozy, familiar place, where the warmth is natural, and where you can sit at the table tasting the flavors of the local land, and sipping good wine. And then You can comfortably sleep in one of the rooms furnished with the necessary comfort to make the guest feel good.

If you are looking for such a place,
you found it.

Ours is the Locanda Stella Alpina, which is located in Treschè Conca, not only the place of the stars, but also of the sun, since it is also the sunniest and brightest village, full of paths to be discovered by a pleasant walk or, for those who prefer, mountain biking.

In addition to being easy to reach, the location of our inn is favored for being on the edge of a small forest, which has been “furnished” with benches to bring back that cool repose in the hot summer weather, or for those who love reading, because they can immerse themselves in the silence or walk the prepared path without tiring.

And we are Giorgio and Glorianna, who together with our daughters, carry on the family tradition with immense pleasure, and into which we pour passion and dedication for our work.

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Discover the Plateau with gusto

A territory is recognized at the table.

It is here that one discovers the scents and flavors that nature gives at times of the year.

It is no coincidence that our Seven Municipalities Plateau is one of the most "affluent and profitable" mountain territories in Italy,
for the products that nature offers in the various seasons.

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