The Restaurant of the Edelweiss Inn

homemade pasta

The pleasure of good food, the value of traditions, the simplicity of ingredients

Our Altopiano dei Sette Comuni plateau is one of the most “affluent and profitable” mountain territories in Italy because of the products that nature offers in the various seasons.
Such as mushrooms, considered among the best in their fragrance, wild herbs that are the architects of so many culinary recipes,
coveted and sought after by even the greatest chefs.
And let’s not forget the cheese, which, thanks to the many pastures, we also benefit from the name brought to the world “Asiago Cheese PDO.”

And so that Giorgio, chef of our kitchen, loves his territory so much that he presents it at the table in the most delicate way and without special seasonings,
maintaining a genuine but at the same time creative tradition.
His motto is “el bon no va tocà.”

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"Through the Paths of Taste"

Together with other restaurateurs from our plateau.
we started a circuit
“Restaurateurs 7 Municipalities”
To fully exploit the area,
Make food lovers travel through the paths of taste.